About the Industry

Barramundi is farmed every mainland State, and in the NT



(from 7,900 tonnes in 2017-18 to 9000 tonnes in 2018-19)



(from $80 million in 2017-18)



(from $80 million in 2017-18)
with expansion estimated to surpass 20,000 tonnes per annum by 2025

The Australian farmed barramundi industry started in the mid-1980s with very small levels of production. Barramundi is now farmed in all mainland states, and the Northern Territory.

Australian barramundi is farmed in diverse production systems. Most of the production comes from outdoor fresh or saltwater pond operations and sea cages, in North Queensland, Western Australia and the Northern Territory. Operations in Victoria and South Australia use thermal spring water in indoor recirculating tank systems.

The sector is growing production by 14% each year, and members have production cycles in place to produce 11,000t in the next 2 years, with a national production target of 20,000t by 2025.

Our Members


How do I know if my barramundi is Australian and sustainable?

ABFA members are committed stewards of the environment and operate under the strictest environmental management regimes in the world. Look for the golden tick of approval (see our certified farms here). If you can’t find Australian barramundi with your local provider, #askforaussiebarra

What are barramundi fed?

Aussie farmed barramundi are fed pellets made from sustainably and ethically sourced high quality ingredients. Raw materials in pellets are tested, safe, sustainable and certified. Ingredients commonly include fishmeal and fish oil from well managed sustainable fisheries and seafood processing trimmings; meat protein from by-products of human food production; vegetable/grain ingredients such as wheat and its derivatives, soya protein concentrate, lupin meal, fava bean meal and canola oil; vitamins, minerals and supplements to help maintain good bacteria and excellent gut health, strong bones and overall health and well-being of our fish.

Where are Australian barramundi farms located?

Aussie barramundi farms are located in all states of Australia except Tasmania. For a list of sustainable, Aussie farms you can trust, have a look at our Sustainable Farms page here.