Quality & Trust


The ABFA is developing a Quality Framework to ensure that Australian farmed barramundi never disappoints. The framework adds to the rigorous requirements already in place for Australian seafood producers to ensure environmental sustainability, food safety, and safe workplaces for our people.

Quality Standards

The ABFA is currently piloting Quality Standards to support farmers to demonstrate that they consistently deliver a premium product. The standards address harvesting practices and product taste and appearance, based on best practices, and informed by research. The standards also ensure animal welfare is embedded in practice.

Farmers are being supported to adopt these standards through resources, training, and on-farm audits.



With over 60 percent of barramundi imported into Australia, we want consumers to have confidence that when they ask for Aussie Barra that is what they get. We are committed to making barramundi farmed here in Australia one of the most trusted seafood purchases by:

  • Scientifically verifying labelling claims of Australian farmed barramundi to offer reassurance to consumers.
  • Connecting consumers to where their barramundi is sustainably farmed through provenance verification.

Whether an item is natural or man-made its composition (chemical, molecular, elemental and isotopic) represents where it is from (its provenance) and how it may have been produced. The combination of these characteristics creates a unique ‘fingerprint’ which Source Certain uses to identify that product and its provenance. For farmed barramundi, this means that each fish can be analysed, and a fingerprint determined to provide indisputable scientific evidence of its provenance – where the barramundi was farmed. We provide confidence by testing covertly purchased surveillance samples along the supply chain.

The provenance fingerprinting technology reassures consumers that the fish they buy at a restaurant or retailer is genuinely Australian, and from the farm specified.

The Quality Framework is funded by Food and Innovation Australia Ltd., ABFA and Mainstream Aquaculture.